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If you are looking to recycle mobiles, you’ve come to the right website. Below you will find lots of information about mobile phone recyclers in the UK. Please use the tool just below enter the make and model of the phone you are looking to recycle. We will query our database and return the price offered by each recycler. This should reduce your time checking each site individually.


Mobile Phone Trade In

Wondering how to sell your mobile phone? Here are the companies who offer reliable, competitive mobile phone trade in for the UK. It’s easy to exchange your old phones for cash. In the near future this site will enable you to compare the quote from each of the companies featured on this site in the meantime please click through and check the quotes from each company.

  • It doesn’t matter which network you use the phones are still useful and will be cleaned and reused if possible.
  • You don’t have to include the power leads. Just the battery and phone will do in most cases.
  • Your phone does not need to work to qualify for a cash payment, it will however be worth less.
  • Phone selling can unlock the value of your old phones.

Mazuma Mobile

Mazuma Mobile


Recycle your Mobile Phone

Thanks for stopping by! Sell My Phone provides, tips, reviews, information and link to UK mobile phone recycling companies.

If you are about to order a new phone, don’t delay recycle your old mobile today. As time passes the phone will become worth less and less. The quicker you choose a recycling company the better.

Here are the top recyclers on the market. Each offer about the same for their phones.